Fumihito Berge

Multiple award-nominated documentary filmmaker

Fumihito Berge standing behind a camera while it is pointed towards something outside of the picture


A selection of movies that I made.

Who I've Had The Pleasure To Work With

Black and white photo of a male in his mid-30's with his face resting on his closed fist, he is looking straight at the camera.

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Older male who is sitting down and talking to someone on the right who is out of frame of the camera.

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An african-american women facing the camera with a bush of greener in the background

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea.

White women with robotic left arm, wearing a black slip dress, holding a flower upside down covering her right eye.

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About Me

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Fumihito Berge in a dress shirt and pants. His is standing up and has a suit jacket on his shoulder. He has sunglasses on and is looking directly into the camera.


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The alarm went off at exactly 6:00 AM as it had every morning for the past five years. Barbara began her morning and was ready to eat breakfast by 7:00 AM. The day appeared to be as normal as any other, but that was about to change. In fact, it was going to change at exactly 7:23 AM.

It really shouldn't have mattered to Betty. That's what she kept trying to convince herself even if she knew it mattered to Betty more than practically anything else. Why was she trying to convince herself otherwise? As she stepped forward to knock on Betty's door, she still didn't have a convincing answer to this question that she'd been asking herself for more than two years now.